intends to stay on the cryptocurrency markets for as long as possible. Our company offers long-term investment for customers around the world. In order to acquaint people in detail with the investment conditions, as well as to help earn for our customers, we offer a three-level partnership program for all visitors. This is an excellent opportunity to generate additional revenue by attracting new investors and private capital.

Here in, we are offering unique affiliate platform where you can join as an affiliate simply by registering in our website and there is no need to have active deposit. By refering investors you can earn 5% from your 1st level investors and 1% from 2nd level investors.

Becoming a partner is very easy. Each registered user receives a unique partnership link, which is available in the account. You can share this link with people you know personally - with your friends, colleagues and relatives - or use it as a signature at forums. You can also use advertising banners that contain a referral link and are located in your account. After clicking on this link and registering the account, the new website user automatically becomes your referral. You can check the total number of your referrals in the “Affiliate Program” section of your account.

Your commission is accrued immediately after your referral starts investing. This means that from the amount of each deposits you will receive a 5% reward. In case your referral attracts a new investor, you will receive 1% of his/her deposit amount.

2 LEVELS Affiliate commission

5% - level 1, 1% - level 2

The company's growth is difficult to imagine without the help of numerous customers and partners. Therefore, it is highly recommended to invite all your friends to our program and advertise it everywhere, as you can make a lot of money from the 5% referral commissions without having any active investment!